Gentle Acoustic
library music
Download 02:14    104
A tune with finger picked acoustic guitar, piano, strings,pad and drums. It has steady shaker groove ... Read more
Carefree Acoustic
production music
Download 02:38    152
Bright and lively acoustic song with very positive mood and smooth and gentle melody.In the genre of ... Read more
UpBeat Folk
royalty free music
Download 02:14    115
Upbeat and confident acoustic folk tune played with acoustic guitar,drums,Celtic instruments,stomps ... Read more
Scarborough Fair
production music
Download 01:00    135
A classical acoustic guitar arrangement. Very evocative,somewhat sad but also mysterious and heroic ... Read more
Guitar Instrumental
production music
Download 01:57    160
A catchy country-rock melody with lots of acoustic and electric guitars. -Commercials music -H ... Read more
Love Sickness
royalty free music
Download 00:55    125
Romantic and melancholy duo of classical guitar and flute. Evocative of deep emotions and lost lov ... Read more