Pirate Assembly
library music
Download 02:25    115
A short medieval sounding melody played on two acoustic guitars as an intro to full folk orchestra. ... Read more
Hard Rock
stock music
Download 02:45    131
Hard rock song consisting of strong riffs and driving drums/bass section. Of course there is an mand ... Read more
Rock Guitar
stock music
Download 03:55    165
Fast rock guitar instrumental. All classic elements are there: short intro, prelude to main theme, t ... Read more
Sweet Christmas
royalty free music
Download 01:50    85
Retro vintage sounding melody ideal for all products having to do with babies and their mothers suc ... Read more
Early Morning Ride
production music
Download 03:57    150
Lots of finger snapping, hand clapping, acoustic guitar strumming, music box ringing, bass drum kick ... Read more
royalty free
Download 01:36    185
A happy theme featuring acoustic guitars and drums,ukulele and human whistling. Cheerful and light. ... Read more