Two Sad Guitars
production music
Download 00:44    100
A short classical guitar duo. Melancholic and evocative yet romantic in a gloomy way. ... Read more
Two Happy Guitars
stock music
Download 00:44    90
A cheerful classical guitar duet. Romantic and delightful as it is it is perfect for: -History sho ... Read more
Classical Guitars Waltz
library music
Download 00:30    200
Classical guitar duet playing a cheerful waltz. ... Read more
Love Sickness
royalty free
Download 00:55    125
Romantic and melancholy duo of classical guitar and flute. Evocative of deep emotions and lost lov ... Read more
Trains are Forever
royalty free music
Download 03:16    100
Bluesy acoustic theme intro followed by full arrangement around the same theme and acoustic percussi ... Read more
A Spring Romance
library music
Download 02:00    100
A classical guitar chord melody with string orchestra. Evokes positive feelings and makes you smile. ... Read more